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Roof Repair

Most roofs need some type of repair work at one point or another. When you consider the work that your roof does on a daily basis, it only makes sense that some routine maintenance is necessary.  The most common repairs we perform include:

Leaks – This is the most obvious problem you will have with your roof. We offer emergency repair service to fix leaks as quickly as possible. We also take the time to do the job right to avoid repeated leaks shortly after repairs. Some leaks aren’t so noticeable, especially if they are hidden in the corner of a room. You may only notice these leaks when you notice a smell of mold or see signs of plaster damage. Give us a call and we’ll perform an initial assessment to determine the cause of the leak.

Loose Shingles – Shingles may become loose from normal wear or tear or as a result of a severe storm or high winds. Loose shingles can usually be spotted from a visual inspection of your roof. Some loose shingles, however, may be more difficult to detect. In some cases, sealant needs to be reapplied to seal any weak points around your shingles.

Blow Offs – Sometimes, shingles will completely blow off your roof. This is usually do to high winds or storm damage. It is usually best to replace shingles that have blown off, even if the shingles can be found since they may have been damaged in the process. We’ll evaluate your roof and determine how best to replace or repair blown off shingles

Poor Installation – A faulty installation dramatically increases the odds that you will experience issues with your roof. Improper installation may also cause blistering, billowing, or leaks.

Improper Repairs – Poor adhesion is a common issue due to improper installation. If the surface of your roof wasn’t properly cleaned or dried, most adhesives won’t stick or will come off fairly easily.

We inspect your roof to determine what issues need to be corrected and the best way to handle those roofing repairs.

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