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Metal Roofing

While not a new concept, metal roofing is one of the fastest-growing home improvement choices today. Metal roofs have always held their share of the market, but it is only recently – within the past decade – that more homeowners have begun to realize the value of optioning for a metal roof. While traditional materials have a limited life, a metal roof can last for fifty plus years. Adding to the appeal, metal roofs can match just about any style or home design.

Benefits of Metal Roofing include:

  • Interlocking panels to increase wind resistance
  • Fire resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Low in weight to boost structural integrity (as light as 0.45 pounds per sq. ft.)
  • Wide range of style and color options to match your home’s design
  • Many manufacturer’s warranties for metal roofs transfer to all future home owners
  • Environmentally friendly since a metal roof can be created almost entirely from recycled metal

Metal roofing may be a more expensive choice, but you do get increased value. Aside from lasting for many years – usually decades – a metal roof also cuts down on utility costs by lowering your heating and air conditioning expenses.  Talk to our experts today to discuss the many benefits of optioning for a metal roof.  While a metal roof may not be right for every home or business owner, it is worth it to at least consider the benefits a metal roof has to offer.

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